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Welcome to Bellevue's premier personal chef experience. Healthy, hand-crafted meals prepared with love for your entire family.

Enjoy the exceptional culinary experience of Down to Earth Cuisine in Bellevue, Washington. Our team of expert personal chefs is dedicated to crafting personalized weekly meals for you and your family. We use the freshest and most sustainable ingredients sourced from local organic farms. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can create a bespoke dining experience that meets the dietary needs of your entire household.

Choose the Personal Chef Services That Suit Your Needs

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At Down to Earth Cuisine, we offer a range of personal chef services designed to simplify your life and provide an excellent dining experience. Our offerings include comprehensive meals prepared in your home or delivered to your door for your weekly needs, exclusive private dinner experiences, and event catering services. Trust us to handle everything from ingredient selection to meal creation so you can enjoy your time around the table.


Weekly In-Home Meal Services

Experience the joy and simplicity of our weekly meal preparation services. Once per week, at a time of your convenience, one of our dedicated personal chefs will visit your kitchen to prepare a whole week of meals. We will design your weekly menu to ensure a balanced and delicious diet, always welcoming your input and saving you valuable time in the kitchen.

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Prepared Meal Delivery

Take your meal delivery experience to the next level and savor the nutritious and delicious meals we deliver directly to your doorstep. Our professional chefs craft menus tailored to your taste and dietary needs, prepare them in our commercial kitchen using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, and deliver them in eco-friendly containers for your convenience.


Private Dinners

Rather than spending several stress-filled hours in the kitchen, elevate your next gathering with a gourmet private dinner meticulously prepared by our chefs. We handle every detail, so you don't have to. From sourcing the finest local and international ingredients to creating a truly memorable dining experience, we promise you and your guests will end the evening feeling completely satisfied and excited for the next gathering.


Event Catering

We offer various catering options for large events to make every celebration unforgettable. Whether it is a family reunion, wedding, birthday party, or any other significant occasion, Down to Earth Cuisine promises catering that will elevate the experience and delight all attendees.

We Serve All Areas In and Around Bellevue

Our personal chef services are available throughout Bellevue and its neighboring areas, ensuring everyone can access our exceptional cuisine. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Bridle Trails
Lake Hills
Newport Hills
Northeast Bellevue
Northwest Bellevue
Sammamish/East Bellevue
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West Bellevue

Multi-Course Meals For Any Diet

Regardless of any restrictions within your group, we ensure your needs will be satisfied. As 80% of our clients specify dietary preferences for their meals, we're fully prepared to design a menu that matches everyone's needs. Explore some of our top dishes tailored for common diets:

Core Values


From the start, our mission has been to provide the most sustainable personal chef services in the Pacific Northwest. We recognize our opportunity to have a genuine impact and make positive environmental choices at every turn, including minimizing plastic waste and preparing meals that are as good for the planet as they are for you.

Transforming Lives Through Cuisine

We believe in cooking meals that satisfy your taste buds and cater to your nutritional, health, and dietary needs. Our services have positively impacted the lives of many, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

Celebrating Local Ingredients

Embracing the rich agricultural heritage of Washington State, our cuisine celebrates the diverse range of fresh and high-quality ingredients this region offers. From succulent apples and cherries to fresh seafood and abundant vegetables and herbs grown in our fertile soils, we pay homage to the local farmers, fishermen, and producers that make Washington State's culinary scene truly unique.

Kitchen Innovation

Our chefs meet the challenge of dietary restrictions and unique preferences by continuously pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity, embracing each new request as an opportunity to expand our skills.

FAQs - Bellevue Personal Chef Services

Personal chefs are culinary professionals who provide personalized cooking services to clients in their homes, tailored to individual needs and preferences.


Personal chefs prepare various meals for future consumption, including menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and storage with reheating instructions. On the other hand, private chefs are typically employed full-time by an individual or family, preparing meals regularly for immediate consumption.

Absolutely! Our chefs delight in exploring the culinary landscape and welcome the chance to incorporate your favorite recipes into their menus.

Our meal prep service is all about flexibility and customization. Together, we'll plan a week's worth of meals, and your amazing chef will prepare the correct quantity of dishes in portion sizes that suit your needs.

Our private dinner party service is comprehensive, including an initial consultation with your personal chef, event planning, customized menu proposal, sourcing of fresh and local ingredients, in-kitchen preparation, wine pairing, detailed course presentation, and efficient cleanup.

We consider private dinners to involve 8-50 guests, while our event catering services are best suited for larger gatherings of 50-150 people.

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