Dungeness Crab in the Pacific Northwest

By David Boyd / July 24, 2020

Pacific Northwest Dungeness Crab Dungeness crab is a staple seafood in the Pacific Northwest. Seafood Watch (a sustainable seafood advisory list) classifies this crustacean as a sustainable alternative to other, less sustainable or farmed fish. Before cooking, Dungeness crab have a purplish body and legs with earthier tones. Cooked crab become a similar, brick red […]

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The Other Ingredient to Stay Healthy: Exercising and Social Distancing

By Sig Hall / July 10, 2020

Simple Advice to Stay Healthy   Staying healthy is neverending. Things changed when COVID-19 spread. Social distancing altered how many people perceive the world. Governments enacted safety measures. Businesses changed their opinions on working from home and cleaning facilities, and chefs ensure even higher cleanliness standards to keep people safe. But social distancing and healthy […]

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Simple Pesto Recipe

By David Boyd / June 5, 2020

Family Favorite Pesto Pesto is an Italian sauce with many uses. With basil, Parmesan cheese, and oil as its base ingredients, there are many modifications to fit your palate. It’s great on pasta, pizza, and with minor modifications as a light salad dressing. The below recipe is a family favorite. Ingredients Lemon Juice – 1 […]

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

By David Boyd / May 22, 2020

Gluten Free Awareness Month The month of May celebrates gluten free awareness. Making gluten free desserts can be tricky. Sometimes they turn out to be hard as a rock, and others can turn out to be very flimsy desserts. Finding recipes of my favorite desserts with the same consistency can be challenging. But all of […]

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Swedish Hospital Donation

By David Boyd / April 29, 2020

Down to Earth Cuisine Supporting Local First Responders! A few weeks ago, Down to Earth Cuisine was able to donate prepared meals to Swedish Hospital to support those on the front lines working so hard to keep us safe and healthy! We have a lot of fun pictures we posted on our Facebook and Instagram if you want to […]

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Investing in Our Planet

By David Boyd / April 27, 2020

This year is our 50th year celebrating environmental protection! Investing in Earth Day may be once a year, but here at Down To Earth Cuisine, Earth Day is everyday. We wanted to share a few resources available to everyone that can help our planet every day.  We have spoken about ocean preservation, and some resources […]

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Sustainable Takeout

By David Boyd / April 17, 2020

How to Make Sustainable Takeout Containers With current worldly circumstances, we have all probably gotten takeout once or twice. Did you know that instead of throwing those containers away… you can reuse them?  Did you get pho recently? Those containers make great Tupperware instead of going out to buy new ones, wash the soup container […]

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Sustainable Fish

By David Boyd / April 10, 2020

Sustainable Fish   When we think about sustainability we immediately think of our impact on Earth: -How big is our carbon footprint -Reducing our waste -Improving for future generations  Overall, we are beginning to move in a good direction with awareness and more sustainable practices. However, one huge natural ecosystem that is crucial to our […]

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Starting a Conversation to Sustainably Living

By David Boyd / April 10, 2020

Sustainability – Starting A Conversation When Chef David Boyd began his journey founding Down to Earth Cuisine, he was determined to run a business with an emphasis to reducing plastic waste. Because if we do not, our future and our planet is what suffers. David is passionate about the environment and reducing his impact. He […]

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Custom Prepped Meal Delivery Services

By David Boyd / March 26, 2020

Two Trays of Food: Rice, Peas, Garbanzo Beans, Garnished with Sliced Avocado & Lemon Wedge In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we want to highlight our Seattle-based personal chef, meal delivery services. Down to Earth Cuisine offers a complimentary consultation and custom menu planning using fresh and seasonal ingredients, so you can enjoy delicious and […]

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