The Other Ingredient to Stay Healthy: Exercising and Social Distancing

Simple Advice to Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is neverending. Things changed when COVID-19 spread. Social distancing altered how many people perceive the world. Governments enacted safety measures. Businesses changed their opinions on working from home and cleaning facilities, and chefs ensure even higher cleanliness standards to keep people safe.

But social distancing and healthy eating are only part of the equation in the search for wellness. Regulations take us so far. It is easy to forget so many people’s least-favorite tenet for living a better lifestyle:


Washington State has entered Phase 2 of reopening. Cases may not be up here like they are across other states, but mandating wearing masks in public is meant to help slow the virus’ spread.

Gyms cannot run in full capacity. Instructors can only teach five or fewer attendees.

Advice From an Expert

Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven successful time and again in life. He is a bodybuilder turned actor turned politician amassing fans across all platforms. Here is a quick paraphrase of advice he gave to graduating, college seniors:

  1. Set a goal
  2. Make a plan
  3. Follow through until you succeed

He went from modest means to one of the most successful people in all platforms he set his sights on.

For the Average Person

But, you may ask, what does the advice of someone who exercised for hours every day most of his life have to do with your goals? Burning calories takes time, but we do not have to go overboard to keep our bodies fit. The Mayo Clinic advises 30 minutes of exercise daily.

One hour is a nice, round number. Cutting calorie counts of these should be easy. Doubling that time is doable for even the busiest adults.

Exercising and Social Distancing

It is very possible to exercise and social distance at the same time. Walking, running, and biking can be done with a six-foot buffer between participants. Calisthenics and stretching can be done from home.

There are countless videos on sites like YouTube to help facilitate a routine. Personal trainers have begun creating online programs to help continue keeping their clients fit.

Breaking It All Down

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few approximate calorie counts for an hour of exercise.

  • Walking – 200 – 350
  • Running – 400 – 700
  • Bicycling – 250 – 600
  • Calisthenics 200 – 350
  • Yoga – 150 – 300

Other Activities

Any activity can burn calories and keep a person fit. Here are a few, common non-exercise activities and their health benefits.

  • Cleaning/housework – 275
  • Yard work – 250 – 550
  • Home repairs – 150 – 450
  • Gardening – 150 – 400
  • Art/playing music/reading – 150
  • Playing with pets outdoors – 150 – 200

The Takeaway

Any activity is better than sitting on the couch and watching TV. These times may feel uncertain with regulations and fear of illness, but it doesn’t have to stop the quest for living a safe and healthy lifestyle. This list is not comprehensive. It is meant to help guide you toward staying healthy in our changing world.

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Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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