Reviews from Our Clients

Freddie Ham Avatar
Freddie Ham
12/21/2020 - Google

We found Down to Earth Cuisine on Yelp and upon reading all the reviews decided to use them for our personal chef needs. They are very reasonably priced and very professional to work with. David, the ... read more

Rock Christeson Avatar
Rock Christeson
12/11/2020 - Google

David and team we amazing! We had an Airbnb in a great spot and David brought an amazing experience for my wife's birthday! He is a great communicator and took the time to get to know me and find out ... read more

Anoop Singh Avatar
Anoop Singh
11/23/2020 - Google

Wonderful wonderful private chef service. We asked David for a one night dinner, And his team delivered a fantastic experience. The chefs were friendly, the food is very good, the presentation was exc... read more

Andrea Weder Avatar
Andrea Weder
11/08/2020 - Google

We've hired Chef David for two private dinners, most recently a multi-course meal to celebrate my husband's birthday. Both were excellent experiences. He works with you to create a menu that works for... read more

Andrea W. Avatar
Andrea W.
5 star rating
11/07/2020 - Yelp

We've hired Chef David for two private dinners, most recently a multi-course meal to celebrate my husband's birthday. Both were excellent experiences. He works with you to create a menu that w... read more

Lisa Powers Avatar
Lisa Powers
10/13/2020 - Google

With the state mandated restrictions on groups larger than 5 dining out, I decided to hire a chef to prepare dinner for our group at our Airbnb. I'm so glad we went with Chef David of Down to Earth C... read more

Lisa P. Avatar
Lisa P.
5 star rating
10/12/2020 - Yelp

With the state mandated restrictions on groups larger than 5 dining out, I decided to hire a chef to prepare dinner for our group at our Airbnb. I'm so glad we went with Chef David of Down to Ear... read more

Shane Griffiths Avatar
Shane Griffiths
10/09/2020 - Google

David is incredibly professional and fun to work with. He is a skilled personal chef that can create delicious recipes inspired by organic, local PNW ingredients. His prepared meals are personalized f... read more

Todd Barker Avatar
Todd Barker
9/29/2020 - Google

David & Down To Earth Cuisine catered our wedding. David was extremely personable, very well prepared and the food was outstanding. We had some specific requirements, and David and team were able to... read more

Arsen Shoukourian Avatar
Arsen Shoukourian
9/24/2020 - Google

There are a lot of reviews about how good and gourmet the food is - there is no doubt about that. Everything is high quality, professionally made and served. But I'd like to emphasize the absolutely a... read more

Gabe Lemon Avatar
Gabe Lemon
8/25/2020 - Google

So my family and I went to go visit our friends in Washington . I wanted to set up a surprise for our hosts . Called Dave(Down to Earth Cuisine) and he was able to work some things out and get somethi... read more

Courtney F. Avatar
Courtney F.
5 star rating
8/23/2020 - Yelp

Our friends came into town to visit and surprised us with an amazing 7 course dinner from David! Not only did all the food look great, it tasted amazing! We loved being introduced to new foods/combina... read more

Mike Brickman Avatar
Mike Brickman
8/17/2020 - Google

David and team were truly incredible. They did a 7 course tasting menu complete with wine pairing suggestions. They were fun to be around and the food was exceptional. David was easy to coordinate wit... read more

John Costello Avatar
John Costello
6/30/2020 - Google

I purchased a private dinner with David for my wife and I for her birthday. The entire experience was wonderful from beginning to end. We discussed the desired menu including speciality items like duc... read more

J Dennerline Avatar
J Dennerline
3/21/2020 - Google

David created a wonderful culinary sensation for my family! We chose a creole theme and the dishes that he picked were over the top good! David and his team were very friendly and attentive to making ... read more

Kristin Thorsness Avatar
Kristin Thorsness
2/21/2020 - Google

We had a David come to my parents' house for a cooking lesson/4-course meal to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday and it was one of the best family parties we've had. David was knowledgeable, easy to ta... read more

Malini Balakrishnan Avatar
Malini Balakrishnan
1/21/2020 - Google

We’ve have used David and Down To Earth’s services for 1 and a half years so far. They are outstanding! Always willing to take into account our preferences and needs, very easy to work with, amazing f... read more

Amanda Twiss Avatar
Amanda Twiss
1/21/2020 - Google

Down to Earth Cuisine just did a fantastic multi-course Christmas Eve dinner for my party of 24. This was our first experience with David and his team--and we are admittedly a tough audience--we've b... read more

Malini B. Avatar
Malini B.
5 star rating
1/07/2020 - Yelp

We've have used David and Down To Earth's services for 1 and a half years so far. They are outstanding! Always willing to take into account our preferences and needs, very easy to work with, a... read more

Stephanie Y. Avatar
Stephanie Y.
5 star rating
1/02/2020 - Yelp

This post is a few weeks late but absolutely necessary. My husband organized a surprise dinner with our closest friends and selected Down to Earth Cuisine to execute the evening. Wow! The entire exper... read more

Anne H Avatar
Anne H
12/21/2019 - Google

David and his assistant Chelsea were wonderful, I was able to reserve them for Thanksgiving. They did the shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and clean up at my home. They prepared a lovely and memor... read more

R L. Avatar
R L.
5 star rating
12/05/2019 - Yelp

I am thrilled to have found David and his crew! He prepared an 8 course meal for four of us. His menu was very creative and tailored to meet all of our dietary requests. He was very flexible with our... read more

Lisa Gleason Avatar
Lisa Gleason
11/21/2019 - Google

David and his team were prepared, professional and extremely fun to work with. They arrived on time and performed well as a team. The experience of having a personal chef in our own home was new to us... read more

Jon Jaksha Avatar
Jon Jaksha
11/21/2019 - Google

Excellent from start to finish.

walk_trot_canter11 Victor Avatar
walk_trot_canter11 Victor
11/21/2019 - Google

I highly recommend Down to Earth Cuisine. They cooked for a private dinner and David and John were so professional, friendly, and engaging. The food was wonderful, we had a vegan in our group and Da... read more

Joanne Polsky Avatar
Joanne Polsky
11/21/2019 - Google

David and his awesome team catered my 40th birthday. The event was set in my backyard with approximately 50 guests, adults and children.I have an outdoor wood-fired oven and large grill so we decided ... read more

Paige Riley Avatar
Paige Riley
11/21/2019 - Google

David and team provided an exceptionally delightful evening for our dinner party! Everything was incredibly delicious, comfortable and beautifully presented. We had the best time watching/learning fro... read more

Jeremy Kassebaum Avatar
Jeremy Kassebaum
9/21/2019 - Google

We hired David to do a multi course dinner for 20+ people at our house. David and his team prepared and served an amazing dinner. They were sociable and polite and enjoyed interacting with us, and ev... read more

Seth Yirak Avatar
Seth Yirak
9/21/2019 - Google

My wife and I had both of our families over for the weekend for our baby shower. For Saturday night, we decided we wanted to have a wedding celebration since we never really got to have one with our f... read more

Ron Gregush Avatar
Ron Gregush
9/21/2019 - Google

David made an amazing dinner for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary - it was an intimate and delicious dinner for 13 of us on a perfect summer evening. From the food to the clean up, it was all per... read more

Deborah Hendrickson Avatar
Deborah Hendrickson
8/21/2019 - Google

We loved working with Chef David and his talented team on a very special dinner at our home. We wanted waves of passed small plates ("chef's tastings") that fit an elegant but fun Hawaiian theme for o... read more

Brooke Roberge Avatar
Brooke Roberge
7/21/2019 - Google

Chef David is wonderful, he put together a fabulous fiesta inspired lunch for my 1 year olds first birthday. He was so professional, organized, great personality and fabulous food! I highly recommend ... read more

Kristin Bedard Avatar
Kristin Bedard
7/21/2019 - Google

Chef David is awesome! He led a 3-course cooking class/dinner party for my Dad's birthday and it was such a wonderful evening. The food was delicious and he was an excellent teacher. David is very per... read more

Kara Hynes Avatar
Kara Hynes
7/21/2019 - Google

David was AMAZING! For our dad's birthday we had David come in and offer us a cooking class and provide us with a three course meal. He made the experience fun and the food was phenomenal! Highly rec... read more

Teresa Jordan Avatar
Teresa Jordan
7/21/2019 - Google

David was absolutely amazing - he put together a fabulous gourmet seafood menu for 14 ladies to celebrate my birthday. The food was impeccable. There was a few ladies with specific allergies, and he w... read more

Patty Dittrick Avatar
Patty Dittrick
7/21/2019 - Google

We enjoyed our evening with friends in Seattle and Chef David's amazing meal was a highlight. We chose a 3 course dinner in advance, with advice on wine pairing. It was fun to watch some of the prep... read more

Mebie Thompson Avatar
Mebie Thompson
7/21/2019 - Google

David came to our house to prepare a meal for my mother's 99th birthday. There were 24 of us and we wanted this to be a very special occasion. That is exactly what David helped create. Not only was... read more

Crystal Cohee Avatar
Crystal Cohee
7/21/2019 - Google

I recently relocated to Manama, Bahrain with my husband. We had a hectic move and our family in Seattle helped us greatly. As a thank you to our family, I contacted David to help me surprise them with... read more

Adam Silberfein Avatar
Adam Silberfein
7/21/2019 - Google

David came over to cook dinner as part of a surprise for my wife, and truly knocked it out of the park. The food was incredible, and David was a pleasure to work with throughout, despite his having co... read more

Jessica Clinick Avatar
Jessica Clinick
7/21/2019 - Google

David is an artist and creates food that not only looks amazing but is delicious. We have a few food allergies that would stump most chefs but David has been to create special meals that even my 15 di... read more

Tanya Bednarski Avatar
Tanya Bednarski
7/21/2019 - Google

David prepared lunch for our annual Seafair party. He was a delight to work with planning the menu and then creating most of the dishes in my home and serving them very artfully. The food was delici... read more

Tania Lissitskaia Avatar
Tania Lissitskaia
7/21/2019 - Google

Amazing food, great team, pleasure to work with. Completely took over all my headaches and have produced an incredible lunch and dinner experience for an extended family of 8.

Laura Cabe Avatar
Laura Cabe
7/21/2019 - Google

David was a pleasure to with and a fun addition during our stay near Seattle. The food was delicious and in abundance.

Joseph buchholz Avatar
Joseph buchholz
7/21/2019 - Google

David cooked a private dinner for our office staff to celebrate the end of the year. It was all we could've asked for. He was very professional, fun, creative and the food was all absolutely deliciou... read more

Anna Samsonova Avatar
Anna Samsonova
7/21/2019 - Google

Chef David and his team are not only wonderful cooks, but are also wonderful with their customer service! Love having them host all of our special occasions.

Terri Morgan Avatar
Terri Morgan
7/21/2019 - Google

We hired Down To Earth for a company BBQ and the food was amazing. They prepped all the food on site and cooked everything on a camp stove and two BBQ pits. I recommend them.

Catherine DeHaven Avatar
Catherine DeHaven
7/21/2019 - Google

Due to a series of flight delays and miscommunications, I was in a bind for a small party. Chef David planned an executed a fabulous menu with very little advance notice. (I was really lucky he was av... read more

Leigh Butler Avatar
Leigh Butler
7/21/2019 - Google

This December our office hosted a holiday party for our staff and guests which involved heavy appetizers and a full sit down meal for 24 people. David's team handled the event seamlessly. Not only d... read more

Teresa Perez Avatar
Teresa Perez
7/21/2019 - Google

Thank you David for making my 40th Birthday party a memorable experience. You truly catered to the evening and made my guests and myself feel like royalty. Thank you for always being available to disc... read more

Marc Turkel Avatar
Marc Turkel
7/21/2019 - Google

My wife and me began a specific program, for me to drop weight and for her, to support some well being issues. To say the least, there are many details to track and many ingredients David and his staf... read more

Julie Adams Avatar
Julie Adams
7/21/2019 - Google

We had the most incredible evening and meal with Chef David and his assistance Chef Seth. Chef David was beyond accommodating to all our requests, incredible with communications and was an absolute jo... read more

Monica D Franks Avatar
Monica D Franks
7/21/2019 - Google

Tasty, excellent Low FODMAP Friendly / Gluten Free meals. Seriously who would have thought these types of meals would or could ever taste so delicious, admittedly I did not, but they do & the meals lo... read more

JP Morgan Avatar
JP Morgan
7/21/2019 - Google

My wife and I were recently married and we hired Chef David to prepare our wedding dinner in our home. Simply put, his food was outstanding, but getting to know him during the process was an added bo... read more

Marc T. Avatar
Marc T.
5 star rating
7/15/2019 - Yelp

My wife and me began a specific program, for me to drop weight and for her, to support some well-being issues. To say the least, there are many details to track and many ingredients David and his staf... read more

Jenna B. Avatar
Jenna B.
5 star rating
7/12/2019 - Yelp

I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I was with Chef David! From the first time that I spoke with him to the day of our wedding, he made things easy and simple for us. We were having a des... read more

M F. Avatar
M F.
5 star rating
7/10/2019 - Yelp

Thank you for the great meals, they are very tasty and meet our dietary needs. I never thought low-fod / gluten free meals could taste so good.

Esther T. Avatar
Esther T.
5 star rating
7/08/2019 - Yelp

Thank you David for one of the best personal chef experiences ever! He was MORE than on time, he was 30 minutes early, prepped to perfection, catered to our timing (everyone was a bit late), and made ... read more

Katrina P. Avatar
Katrina P.
5 star rating
6/12/2019 - Yelp

We had David cook (third time?) for our final party before closing the sale of our house in March of 2019.As before, he and his crew are super friendly and accommodating with guests. We did an outdoor... read more

Diggity S. Avatar
Diggity S.
5 star rating
6/09/2019 - Yelp

What an experience!! Chef David provided a four course dinner for our group of 12. From the initial contact and to completion David was just great to work with. He and his two helpers prepared an e... read more

Jim Wolcott Avatar
Jim Wolcott
7/21/2018 - Google

had an idea to search for a private chef for our family group of 12 during college grad night. We had rented a large house in Seattle. The house had great kitchen facilities, and I couldn't see how I ... read more

Jon Sainsbury Avatar
Jon Sainsbury
7/21/2018 - Google

David is a wonderful chef and incredibly personal. He came into our home and immediately made us feel comfortable and at ease as he made his way around our kitchen. When we were present, he took the ... read more

Paula Begoun Avatar
Paula Begoun
7/21/2018 - Google

Wonderful amazing meal service and attention to deal! I didn't have to worry or do a thing!

Antonette Huell Avatar
Antonette Huell
7/21/2018 - Google

I recently had the pleasure of working with Chef David and it was an experience to remember. His attention to detail was outstanding and he is great at sharing his culinary expertise. Having the oppor... read more

The East West Chef Avatar
The East West Chef
7/21/2018 - Google

Chef David's professionalism and attention to detail is what really sets him apart from other personal chefs. His Seared Pork Loin is simply out of this world! Every time me and my wife taste his food... read more

Jane W Avatar
Jane W
7/21/2018 - Google

David was very knowledgeable and created some amazing gluten free vegan dishes for us and we came away with more knowledge and confidence to experiment more with cooking!

Kevin Bliss Avatar
Kevin Bliss
7/21/2018 - Google

Chef David is a wizard in the kitchen! And if you are lucky enough to witness his magic, he’ll enliven each chop, mix, and sauté with engaging conversation. He prepared three separate meals for me—a... read more

Karen Shockley Avatar
Karen Shockley
7/21/2018 - Google

David prepared a wonderful 5 course dinner for 4 people at our home. It was so fun and informative. We picked up a few new techniques from him as he cooked! We had a great time watching as he create... read more

Rich Shockley Avatar
Rich Shockley
7/21/2018 - Google

What a great meal and event! We asked Chef David to provide a 5 course meal for 4 prepared in front of us, plated and served. Amazing meal !

Barb S Avatar
Barb S
7/21/2018 - Google

David cooked a fantastic five course meal for my husband and I a few weeks ago. He is a great chef and person. We had a wonderful time, he did all the cooking and the cleanup! We enjoyed learning s... read more

Steven Rowe Avatar
Steven Rowe
7/21/2018 - Google

David was fantastic! Leading up to the dinner, he and I talked on the phone a couple times to ensure everything was perfect for our special night. The food was incredible and his personality shined th... read more

Megan Kirby Avatar
Megan Kirby
7/21/2018 - Google

Wow! Chef David catered our Christmas dinner for 5 and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. From the organizing and arranging of the event, to the actual preparation and taste of the food, Che... read more

Andrew Gemkow Avatar
Andrew Gemkow
7/21/2018 - Google

If I was to pick an attribute that best fit my experience, it would be the direct and personalized interaction that defines excellence. Chef David is defined by his knowledge, his ability to articulat... read more

Isabell S. Avatar
Isabell S.
5 star rating
5/17/2018 - Yelp

David did two sit down dinners for us. I appreciated his timely response, flexibility to make things work within our budget, and his pleasant demeanor.

Kevin B. Avatar
Kevin B.
5 star rating
2/23/2018 - Yelp

Chef David is a wizard in the kitchen! And if you are lucky enough to witness his magic, he'll enliven each chop, mix, and sauté with engaging conversation. He prepared three separate meals for ... read more

Ben M. Avatar
Ben M.
5 star rating
10/31/2017 - Yelp

David was awesome - highly recommend! My wife and I used David to serve our 25-person wedding reception dinner. Before the big day, David was always very responsive and even came to our house to do a ... read more

Julie S. Avatar
Julie S.
5 star rating
10/04/2017 - Yelp

David and his assistant were the highlight of our girls weekend. David came out to the house we rented on Whidbey Island to prepare a northwest meal for the 12 women who get together each year at a d... read more

Clare B. Avatar
Clare B.
5 star rating
9/26/2017 - Yelp

I contacted Chef David to do my 60th birthday party. We were coming in from our home in Hawai'i so I googled to find a chef. Chef David responded to me within an hour and I had a menu from him the... read more

Jennifer F. Avatar
Jennifer F.
5 star rating
9/26/2017 - Yelp

Chef David brought a great vibe and energy to our party of 12! As part of our girls reunion weekend we splurged and got a chef to cook for us. What a feast! I am from Chicago and was looking forward t... read more

Kendra K. Avatar
Kendra K.
5 star rating
8/11/2017 - Yelp

David is a very talented chef. He is very passionate about what he does and you can definitely see that through the creativity of his menus. It is very impressive how he can continue to re-invent th... read more

Chelsi A. Avatar
Chelsi A.
5 star rating
6/14/2017 - Yelp

I had the pleasure of meeting David and devouring his amazing dishes recently. He came to my Sister's home, prepared and served a 9 course meal. I don't think any one of us left any morsel be... read more

Sarah K. Avatar
Sarah K.
5 star rating
1/07/2017 - Yelp

Chef David is an incredibly talented chef. He is passionate, experimental, knowledgable and very 'down to earth'! His food is exceptional, especially the different raw fermented sauerkrauts h... read more

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