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Down to Earth Cuisine is a personal chef service in Tacoma. We provide you with a down-to-earth home-cooked meal for your family and friends. Hire a chef for any occasion, including dinner parties, holidays, weddings, or even everyday dinners!

Hire a Personal Chef Service in Tacoma


Hiring one on-call chef is great, but what if you could change it up every week? That's exactly why our professional cooks are here - because they're skilled at preparing any kind of cuisine and can customize each menu around your diet needs and desires. Give us a call right now or reach out online to get started.

Hiring a Tacoma personal chef for your next event can be an excellent way to create the perfect ambiance. Whether you are hosting a special dinner party, one of life's milestones or just looking for something new and exciting, we have options that will fit any occasion! We also offer event catering for weddings, large parties, and organized events.

Get a taste of the world with local chefs that cook up custom menus for your dietary preferences. Get in touch today to find out more about our unique service offered by Tacoma best personal chefs!

Home Cooking Without the Hassle


With Down to Earth Cuisine, you'll be able to focus on hosting your event without worrying about the cooking. With our in-home chef service, we will cook all of the dishes from start to finish and serve them at your desired location. We prepare healthy home-cooked meals that are made fresh daily using local ingredients when possible.

We understand how busy life gets these days which is why our in-home chef service comes into play. Our chefs come prepared with all necessary cooking tools such as pans, utensils, cutting boards, etc., along with prepped ingredients ready for use onsite. All dishes are served at your location - whether it's outdoors in an alfresco setting or in a private dining room.

Our chefs are accustomed to planning menus for groups with dietary restrictions - we can accommodate virtually any request or preference.

Creating Memories with Our Tacoma Personal Chefs

Our team of professional chefs brings their creativity to your kitchen! We spend time curating a private dinner for you and all the guests. It could be an intimate family gathering, or it might just be a special night out with friends.

Either way, we have plenty of ideas on how to make memories worth remembering in every sense: visually stunning food presentations that are worth sharing online; flavorful dishes made from quality ingredients handed down through generations; and sparkling clean kitchens when we leave - because there will always be leftovers!


Tacoma Personal Chef for Special Events

wedding place setting

A personal chef is a perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Whether you're looking for a unique place setting idea or want something special at an event, there's no better choice than hiring one of our culinary professionals! We offer our services for:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries or Company Events
  • Graduations
  • Dinner Parties

The Cost of Hiring a Professional Chef in Tacoma

Interested in hiring a personal chef for your next party? For Tacoma-based clients, the average cost is $75 per hour. When you want to hire a personal chef, we’ll discuss what type of cuisine and catering style is best suited to meet your needs!

We have chefs who can take care of anything from small family gatherings or corporate events all the way up through weddings with hundreds of guests. If you need help finding an executive pastry chef or sous-chef while on vacation abroad, don't worry - just get in touch and our team will be happy to provide assistance no matter what and where it's needed!

Choose a Personal Chef Service that Caters to You

Two Trays of Food: Rice, Peas, Garbanzo Beans, Garnished with Sliced Avocado & Lemon Wedge

Down to Earth Cuisine will help you create a custom menu for your event that is tailored to your specific needs, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences. Let us know if there are any allergies or food sensitivities we should be aware of before finalizing the meal plan. We also offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and halal meals so that everyone can enjoy them!

If you're hosting a large event, our personal chefs can help with the cooking and set-up for your guests. We will work closely with you to ensure that all arrangements are made smoothly beforehand so there's no last-minute scrambling!

Tacoma Personal Chef

Beside the personal chef service, we also have weekly meal delivery services if desired by clients at home or office lunch boxes on request. For more information please call (206) 859-1353


A Personal Chef to Your Family and Friends


Down to Earth Cuisine offers in-home chefs for hire. Our personal chef service is perfect for your family and friends! Whether you're hosting a dinner party, or need someone to cook breakfast on the weekends...we've got what it takes to make life easier.

Personalized Menu Planning with Your Taste Preferences in Mind - no matter how specific they are!

We'll also do all of the grocery shopping for you so that you'll know you're getting the best quality ingredients and cuts of meat for your family.

Why Choose Down to Earth Cuisine

Reducing Plastic Waste

Our chefs are always mindful of the environmental impact their cooking has on our planet. They passionately prepare food from scratch with as little waste produced as possible. They take pride in using reusable bags and paper sacks when grocery shopping, and purchase products that come packaged with glass containers whenever possible.

Protecting Orcas

We donate to One Tree Planted which is a great organization that plants trees in the Pacific Northwest to help restore Chinook Salmon's critical habitats. The natural habitat of these salmon has been shrinking due to climate change, so this will be beneficial for wild Orcas! Trees also absorb carbon dioxide which helps offset our own carbon footprint created by driving and cooking at home.

Donating Meals Locally

We’ve donated hundreds of meals to frontline healthcare workers and shelters in the Tacoma area. We understand it makes all the difference for someone who needs help putting food on their plate during difficult times.

Private Dinner Service Consultation

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