Seattle Prepared Meal Delivery

Healthy, delicious meals prepared & delivered to you in the Seattle area.
Our professional chefs create a menu based on your preferences and dietary restrictions. We shop for fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. Our chefs prepare your meals at our commercial kitchen. We use compostable containers to package your meals and deliver them right to your door.

Custom Prepared Meals for Any Diet

Our chefs can plan and prepare meals for dietary requirements & preferences. We commonly prepare healthy, organic, vegan, and keto meals. Let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Meals Made with Healthy, Organic Ingredients

The shopping experience is one of our favorite parts of preparing your meals. We love seeking out seasonal ingredients that are picked at peak freshness for maximum flavor.

Our chefs choose healthy ingredients that give you energy and make you feel good. We prioritize organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, wild-caught foods.

Ask us what’s in season and we’ll give you a dozen ideas to inspire your custom meal plan.


How does prepared meal delivery work?


Menu Planning

Our Seattle personal chefs design a different menu each week. We always consider your dietary needs and preferences when planning a menu. If there are staple meals that you want every week, just ask! We are also happy to offer chef-inspired recommendations based on seasonal ingredients and trending meals.

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We shop for your ingredients right before we begin prep. This ensures your meals are as fresh as possible. If you have specific brands, ingredients, or stores you like to frequent, just let us know.


Meal Preparation

Professional chefs prepare all of your meals at once in our food-safe commercial kitchen right here in Seattle. We follow strict food safety and sanitation guidelines to keep your food safe and prevent cross-contamination. Since we go straight from the store to the kitchen, your meals are prepared as fresh as possible.


Packaging & Delivery

Your meals are packaged into compostable containers with simple reheating instruction in the bag. We coordinate with you for contact-free delivery right to your doorstep to provide a safe experience.

Prepared Meal Delivery Consultation

Please complete the form below to tell us about your needs. We will call you to talk about options for your Seattle prepared meal delivery service.

  • Your Needs & Preferences
    We understand that each week may be different depending on your schedule. Please let us know what you will be expecting during a typical week.
  • We will discuss these in detail during your consultation
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