Personal Chef for Paleo Meals

Hire a Seattle personal chef to prepare Paleo-diet meals for you every week! We use organic, wholesome ingredients. Custom menus based on your preferences. Down to Earth Cuisine has prepared hundreds of Paleo meals for families throughout the Puget Sound area.


Sample Paleo Menu

Your chef will recommend dishes, create your menu, and soon you will be tasting delighted. You can start with some selections from the list below, or customize a new dish to your liking.

Creamy Mediterranean Lamb Bake

Peppers, garlic, spinach, coconut milk, sun dried tomato

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

Cauliflower mash, ground lamb, parsnip, leek, thyme

Northwestern Fisherman’s Stew

Clams, mussels, salmon, charred tomato reduction

Honey Roast Heirloom Carrots

Herbed chicken, braised fennel, roast red grapes

Sweet & Spicy Ginger Glazed Pork

Garlic, green onion, Szechuan chili, broccoli, carrot

Personalized Meal Prep for All Dietary Restrictions

Explore our sample menus for dietary restrictions.
Our Seattle personal chefs are trained to prep your meals according to your needs and preferences. We can accomodate any of the common diets listed below. If you have a specific request please let us know during your consultation.

Let's Get Started

One of our Seattle personal chefs, David Boyd, will meet you at your home for a complimentary consultation. There, we will learn more about your schedule, dish preferences, and dietary restrictions. We also assess your kitchen to determine any equipment, spices, and herbs that you might need. If you're missing anything, we can provide you with an online shopping list of chef-inspired cookware. This initial meeting marks the start of our relationship together. All future interactions will serve to strengthen the connection between your family, your chef, and your food.


Free In-Home Consultation

Please complete the form below to tell us about your needs. We will call or email you to schedule your in-home consultation.

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