Chef David Boyd Featured in Keto Chef Summit

The Keto Chef Summit – August 9-13 2021

World class Chefs Sharing Their Secrets…Learn to plate with Chef David Boyd 
Cooking keto & prep techniques, selecting the best keto ingredients, how to create delicious Chef quality dishes and desserts at home. Wouldn’t you love to be ready for ultimate keto success?

Down to Earth Cuisine has many clients who live keto and years of creating an extensive list of dishes. Now more than ever, it is important to take control of your dietary health and at this FREE summit you can learn how to prepare keto dishes just like the experts featuring Chef David Boyd. Whether you are someone who wants to learn more about what keto can do for you, or want to learn how to create some of your own dishes, this summit is for you!

Keto and Your Health

This lifestyle is not just about what you eat, and it’s not a diet.  Keto is a lifestyle that embraces the whole package of eating low carb high fat foods, getting regular exercise and organizing and tracking what you eat.  This year’s Keto Chef Summit will have you creating keto meals that are quick to make. Chefs understand that most people need schedule-friendly recipes and want them to be healthy too.  The Chef Summit may even help you become more organized and eat to feel better too!

Easy, Tasty Meal Preparation That Looks Good

The Keto Chef Summit will have you on your way to living keto with professionals showing you how to create keto dishes.  The chefs will even cook one for you and you will get a copy of the recipe.  Chef David Boyd is proud to be a part of this year’s summit and he is a master at creating amazing keto dishes. Down to Earth Cuisine uses organic, sustainable local ingredients that nourish and enrich your life.  You have the opportunity to learn techniques directly from Chef David with step-by-step prepping, cooking and slicing resulting in a beautiful plate.

Registering For the 2021 Chef Summit

The Keto Chef Summit is free but you must register soon.  Make sure you set time aside to watch as many chefs as you can.  To take advantage of even more of the benefits, you can register for the exclusive All Access Pass for only $57.00 giving you:

  • 20 or more videos of top chef’s cooking keto for you to watch when it’s convenient for you
  • Audio downloads of the chef’s expertise and knowledge as to why keto is important and impact on their life
  • Free E-cookbooks from the Chef’s Summit and other chef’s
  • Cooking along side three top chef’s including our own Chef David

masterful plating

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