Sustainable Takeout

How to Make Sustainable Takeout Containers

With current worldly circumstances, we have all probably gotten takeout once or twice. Did you know that instead of throwing those containers away… you can reuse them? 

Did you get pho recently? Those containers make great Tupperware instead of going out to buy new ones, wash the soup container out and reuse it! If it eventually gets old and you don’t want to use it anymore you can actually turn it into an arts and crafts moment! They make a great substitute for a small potted plant. All you need to do is paint it any color you want.


Plants you can easily grow at home without soil: 

Green onions, basil, sage, spinach, thyme, jade plant, and sage all

 survive in just water so long as you change the water every 2-3 days!


Did you get any of those cardboard containers (the brown compostable ones are the best for this) you can re use those for making starter plant carriers! 

When you have seeds to germinate, flatten the takeout box, place a damp towel over it, nestle the seeds there and place another thinner damp towel over the seeds. Keep in a warm area and move them towards sunlight for a couple of hours every day. 

The biggest way to make takeout more sustainable is to reuse anything you can salvage! Many restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes are slowly taking steps to being greener by using compostable or recycled materials for their takeout. The biggest impact is always going to be consumers! That means you, your family, and your friends 🙂

Making an Impact 

With current circumstances due to COVID-19 making such a huge impact, how we decide to be consumers is more crucial than ever! Take small steps: don’t get plastic forks and spoons with your takeout. Uber and Doordash both have functions in the app to turn off receiving disposable utensils! We want to encourage this kind of practice for all businesses.

At Down to Earth Cuisine LLC, we make it a huge priority while we shop for goods to not buy products that are wrapped in plastic as much as we possibly can. It’s our job as small businesses and consumers to make the best of what is happening. So if you decide to get takeout, salvage what you can, recycle what you can’t, and have fun with it! When we provide Seattle prepared meal delivery, we use 100% compostable takeout containers to be environmentally conscious. 

Get Creative

Now is the best time to be creative with what’s around us at home, give it a try, and try to keep that plastic in use as long as you can and away from the landfill. Help heal our planet.

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