Personal chefs and their role during a pandemic

At a time when many people are stocking their pantries with canned food and brushing up on their baking skills, those with deeper pockets are turning to personal chefs to provide their meals. Not only are personal chefs preparing meals catered to a client’s dietary restrictions, but they are providing a substitute to dining in public during a pandemic. This has caught the attention of those determined to avoid the virus.

Meal prep can be overwhelming

If you’re like many people during this unprecedented pandemic, you can only bake so much sour dough bread before the pandemic baking craze loses its luster. We all love a good home cooked meal, but making it yourself all the time may feel overwhelming. Many of us have a new appreciation for the homemakers who dedicate their entire day to child rearing and household chores, yet still find the time to prepare the family meals. All these tasks can be daunting.

The worrisome world during a pandemic

Pandemics are proven to be a cause of stress and anxiety. This is where the personal chef industry lends a helping hand. Here we have a service that specializes in giving you back some of your precious time and eliminating the question, “what should we do for dinner?” Take that time and give it back to your job, family or hobbies and let someone else worry about the meals for the day.

Employment opportunities

Unemployment is high, but due to this pandemic we have never had more chefs to choose from. Across the country, high-end caterers and restaurant chefs found themselves unemployed and desperate for work. The personal chef industry has found a way to employ many out-of-work chefs that would otherwise be standing in the unemployment line.

Removing some risk

With every job, event, and task we undertake during a global pandemic, the reward hopefully outweighs the risk. There is certainly risk when you chose to visit a restaurant to enjoy a meal. You’re hoping the wait staff and cooking staff are all taking the necessary precautions to prepare your meal safely, while hoping that the other diners aren’t carriers of Covid. The truth is, we never really know just how close we come to being infected when we go out in public. With personal chef companies like Down to Earth Cuisine, safety is the top priority. Masked chefs either prepare your meals in a certified commercial kitchen space and deliver to your home, or they will cook your meals in your kitchen making sure to disinfect all surfaces before and after they touch them.

Are personal chefs a good fit?

Of course, not all households will find a personal chef as a suitable answer for their meal prep needs. This is a service that comes at a cost, but one many are willing to pay. For a few bucks more than what you would pay for a meal prepared in a restaurant, you can hire a professional to prepare menus specific to any dietary restrictions and food preferences specific to your family. It takes training and years of experience for a chef to obtain the skills necessary to execute such menus properly, so you are paying for that knowledge and expertise.

So, for those tired of waiting for the bread to rise, consider bringing in a personal chef to help out with your meals. These chefs want to help with the timely burden of meal preparation and present you with nutritious food that you can enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own home. However, you are on your own for the child rearing and household chores.


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