Investing in Our Planet

This year is our 50th year celebrating environmental protection!

Investing in Earth Day may be once a year, but here at Down To Earth Cuisine, Earth Day is everyday. We wanted to share a few resources available to everyone that can help our planet every day.  We have spoken about ocean preservation, and some resources you can find to help EVERY day of the year!

Sustainable Fish

However, one resource is not nearly enough to share! We found so much more for investing in our planet.
One particular organization we would love to highlight is One Tree Planted.

Recently there were a lot of wildfires in Australia, devastating their wildlife and their supply of trees. The forest fires burned 21% of temperate broadleaf and mixed forests in Australia. They announced this Earth Day that they had successfully donated 1 million trees to their Bushfire Recovery Nurseries to be planted in a massive attempt to recover the wildlife areas!

We’re happy to share that this organization, along with their partners at Sustainable Green Initiative in India, were also able to help plant 500,000 fruit trees in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Odisha. This is to help the local areas have better sources of nutrition naturally available to help feed locals.


Ways to Donate:

One Tree Planted is doing amazing work, and you can help them easily and make a huge difference. Down To Earth Cuisine is happily putting out a donation campaign on our Facebook page for their cause: and for every dollar you donate we are matching.

In the spirit of giving back, there is one individual who needs it most from us: and that is Mother Earth. We are…

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You don’t have to donate to help this organization. They have opportunities as individuals to donate your time, become involved, and become an advocate! They have made it so easy to make a difference in a very recognizable organization worldwide.

Some other organizations you can help is very focused on advocating for wild animals and their environments.
They have been an advocate organization since 1935 and they collaborate closely with local communities to safeguard wild places for future generations. They allow you to help financially, become an advocate yourself, and to partner with them to promote wildlife preservation. is very focused on the practical and law changing policies. You are able to donate to help them. They claim to be fully independent and solely responsible for its positions, programs, and publications. Their mission is to reduce greenhouse gases and make a collaborative effort through policies and helping businesses become better.


Water is our most precious resource

Lastly, we found This organization is especially important as they primarily focus on water and they’re local! Water is our most precious resource we know and it requires a lot of protection. There are three things you can do to help: become a member and donate to their cause, volunteer, or become employed by them and learn on the front line! They work closely with Seattle on water quality preservation and also work nationwide.

We only have one Earth, so everyday, you can make changes, and begin investing in our planet!

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