How To Use A Mandoline

Do you ever wonder how people get such perfect slices of fruits and vegetables? Well, they probably own (and use) a mandoline. A mandoline can be found in any professional chef’s tool kit. It provides us with those perfectly even slices. It is a time saver that has many uses.
You can shave vegetables like cabbage or brussel sprout for salads. It is great for those perfect slices of potatoes for an au gratin or long slices of zucchini for vegetarian lasagna. A mandoline is a great tool that turns those potatoes into fries.
We wanted to share some tips for getting these cuts, while also keeping those fingers safe!


A mandoline should be held straight away from yourself. It is easier (and safer) to push forward than going side to side. This will give you more control and a better view of what you are cutting. You want to keep even pressure as you run the produce along the mandoline. This ensures that your slices are consistent. If you do not have much practice using a mandoline, be sure to use the guard. This will not only save your fingers from running into the blade but also gets you the most out of your produce. If you do not have a guard, keep your palm flat (like the photo above) as you run down the mandoline.
Holding something small in your fingers (like a radish) might feel right, but a flat palm is much safer. Your fingertips will thank you!

A lot of mandolins come with different attachment blades. A serrated blade will cut your potatoes into perfect french fries! The smooth, straight blade will provide those evenly layered potatoes for an au gratin! You can also just adjust the depth of your cuts depending on the recipe and preference.

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