How to Create Weekly Meal Plans that Pleases Everyone in Your Family

Feeding yourself is easy as pie. You know what you like, what you loathe, and what you’re craving at any given moment. Feeding a family, even a small one, is like trying to bake that aforementioned pie without a recipe, with your eyes closed, and one hand tied behind your back. You know those nights when everyone wants something different. One’s allergic to gluten, another won’t touch anything with onions, and you refuse to eat chicken nuggets every night.

So how do you create weekly meal plans with family-friendly recipes that make everyone happy without the headache? Use Down to Earth Cuisine as your secret kitchen weapon! Here’s how:

Idea #1 – Get Home-Cooked Meals When You’re Too Busy to Cook

One of the reasons why many people use a personal chef in Seattle is to get a real dinner when they’re working late or are just too busy to cook. Our personal chef service handles all the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleanup for you, so you can walk right through your door to your kitchen table to a fresh, delicious meal.

Idea #2 – Plan for Leftovers

Take advantage of your personal chef service by stretching it twice as far! You can hire a chef once and double the recipe. This means no extra guesswork, no extra cooking, no extra cleanup, and no extra hassle.

Idea #3 – Try New Family-Friendly Recipes

Down to Earth Cuisine is meal prep simplified. Our chefs take into account your family’s unique tastes, preferences, and diets, then we source amazing recipes that you’ll be happy to try! You get the benefit of trying new foods that fit your family’s standards to avoid the dinner rut AND save yourself from having to mastermind your menu yourself.

Try it for yourself and be the dinner hero your family deserves! Get in touch today to schedule your Seattle personal chef experience and consider dinner done.

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