Chef Anthony Gore

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Anthony's Bio

Coming from a lush agricultural center in Northern California, Anthony understands the importance of food culture; how it can shape and bring together communities. He maintains that there should always be honesty and transparency within the culinary world. While living in California, he had the opportunity of working at a farm to table style restaurant. He fondly remembers chatting with various farmers and suppliers as they brought in the daily produce. This gave Anthony deeper insight and appreciation on where our food comes from. In the midst of this experience he realized there is a fundamental breakdown in people's understanding of food; which is something he hopes to restore through his cuisine.

Anthony arrived on the Seattle food scene 3 years ago and has loved every moment. His first experience came at a high volume fine dining restaurant on the Puget Sound. Grilling premium protein for private parties and working next to some of the brightest in the industry allowed him to further hone his abilities. Following this experience he helped open a restaurant in pioneer square. While working here he was responsible for recipe and menu design as well as the baking and dessert program.

As his skills began to round out, he realized he wanted to approach food in a more distinct and controlled manner. This naturally brought him onto the path of a personal chef. Being able to create a personalized experience for a client, while putting his own creative spin on it is something he finds highly desirable.

Although he has a variety of skills and over 8 years of experience, Anthony knows that his journey is just beginning. Keeping this in mind he treats everyday as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Fun Fact:

In his spare time, Anthony enjoys drawing, listening to pod casts, and riding his bike through the city.

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