Chef Tom Hoolihan

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Tom's Bio

Chef Tom has been working in kitchens for 14 years.  Cooking was his first summer job in high school, his job through college, and his vocation ever since.  He never went to culinary school, but has been obsessed with food and cooking since he was about 10 years old, so he has been a lifelong student.  Chef Tom came to the Seattle area to attend the University of Washington and never left the region.  He has cooked at several prominent Seattle restaurants working almost every position in the kitchen, from prep cook to sous chef.  Although he is comfortable cooking many different styles of food, he has recently been taking a deep dive into the food of his Filipino heritage.  Before joining the team at Down to Earth, Chef Tom was cooking in the Philippines and eating his way through several countries in Asia. One day, he hopes to open a restaurant.

Fun Fact:

Some of Tom's interests outside of cooking include martial arts and finance.

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