Chef Kenny Barnes

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Kenny's Bio

Chef Kenny’s fondest memories growing up in Atlanta were of standing on a stool, helping his mother cook something up on the stove. He learned at an early age the power of good food and how it can bring together friends and family. It is no wonder that his first job, at 16, was in the food industry, and he has never left it. Quickly drawn to fine dining Indian and southern style cuisine, he fell in love with natural old world cooking techniques, including live fire grills, BBQ pits, clay cooking, wood burning ovens and even the tandoori. His culinary journey then brought him to Seattle where he discovered a passion for fermentation, preservation, and middle eastern flavors while working in several fine dining kitchens. Bringing 14 years of experience and a love for what a good family dinner can do, he now enjoys exploring his creative side as a personal chef.

Fun Fact:

When not cooking in the kitchen or barbecuing with family and friends Chef Kenny enjoys both river and deep sea fishing, snowboarding, and camping; while foraging for wild mushrooms, crabbing and digging for clams. Yeah… you can take the boy out of the kitchen, but…..well you know.

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