Chef Daymon Mozee

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Daymon's Bio

Daymon Mozee’s first memory of being in the kitchen is working with his mom and grandma on thanksgiving when he was 4 years old. Being taught that food is an integral part of the family household. He has tons of early memories of his dad cooking on the grill rain or shine, always telling him that this was his favorite way to impart flavor. Out of high school, he attended the Arts Institute of Seattle in their culinary program, where he was able to hone his techniques.

Daymon has worked in places all over the U.S. including Baltimore, Utah, and California but has always had his eye on cooking in his home state. When he came back home, Daymon worked very closely with local restaurant owners and revitalized their menus to ensure that the highest standard of food was being served, and prepared in a focus driven kitchen. He has a passion for learning about all different kinds of foods and how many variations there are to prepare delectable food. He loves to showcase the various ingredients that are so special to Washington state by using the freshest and local items as possible.

In his spare time he likes to be in nature, as a native Pacific Northwesterner he loves to be surrounded by the beauty of Washington state. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and family doing the very same thing that he loves to do, cook and enjoy food. Daymon is a highly inquisitive chef and is constantly doing research as to not only improve his skills, but to also make notes of flavor profiles he’s interested in combining in new ways. Daymon loves all kinds of music from the 70’s disco to the bass line of 90’s rock and roll. Other hobbies he enjoys are movies of all kinds and he loves to take time to read all of his favorite authors and those he’s just discovering.

Daymon specializes in these categories:

  • Smoked foods
  • Hearty vegan and vegetarian options
  • BBQ
  • Small plate and fine dining

He is excited to be taking on new opportunities and is always looking forward to the next time he steps into the kitchen.

Fun Fact:

Daymon can drive a car backwards perfectly!

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