Chef Daisy van Zyl

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Daisy's Bio

Meloney van Zyl, AKA Daisy was born in Namibia, raised predominantly in South Africa bar living and starting school in Portugal. She comes from a colorful background of 18 years in hospitality, a private chef onboard Super Yachts and customer service, bringing a whole host of skills that cater to providing a professional and comfortable approach to her work, colleagues and guests.

Daisy grew up in a family of wonderful cooks and bakers, as a child always in the kitchen with either grandparents or mom learning to cook, bake and helping her mother in her catering business. This has since turned into a great love for cooking, understanding flavors and wanting to create memorable meals for all to enjoy.

As a private Chef, Daisy has not only worked onboard the Elite Luxury Super Yachts, but has also spent time as an Estate Chef/Manager where her ability to listen, and understand her client’s needs and requirements, in conjunction with her proven ability to not only meet expectations, but exceed them, has set her apart. Daisy’s professional chef career has required her to travel internationally, Europe, Mediterranean, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Central America exposing her to diverse cultures, and the cuisines, that she has incorporated into her chef palette of flavor profiles. She is adventurous when planning menus, so guests/clients will be wowed, whilst also being very attentive to their dietary restrictions, allergies, and food preferences. On having eaten Daisy’s gourmet food, guests/clients have been extremely happy, to the point where she was requested back by Super Yacht charter guests and their owners.

Daisy loves the outdoors, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, watching nature and adores all animals. Movies, music and the arts are also a favorite.

Here’s to many happy meals… Bon Appetite!

Fun Fact:

Daisy loves flying and drag racing!

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