Chef Melody Alfarez

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Melody's Bio

Melody was born and raised in New Jersey, where she was inspired by her mother and grandmother’s passion in the kitchen. She would watch them all day in the kitchen preparing for dinner. Learning their home craft and later applying it on her own. Her favorite memories include early Saturday morning breakfast. Waking up before everyone else and cooking everything in the kitchen. In a Latin household, her favorite was making homemade tortillas Her family has always been a huge inspiration behind her cooking and even at an early age, she knew cooking was her calling.

She later ventured full force into a culinary path and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. She began her career at the Walt Disney Grand Floridian Resort, then continued to other fine dining establishments. Melody later became a private chef in New York City, where she came to love and cherish the personal aspect of the job.

Melody relocated to the Pacific Northwest from New Jersey and is absolutely loving her new way of living alongside her husband and rescue dogs, Zoey and Winston. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, and the great outdoors. Being from the East Coast, she has found the PNW has so much to offer, especially the quality of food (although she still misses her east coast pizza cravings!). Fruits and vegetables are always so fresh and available during spring and summer with all the local farmers markets. She has found herself more creative in the kitchen and enjoying every minute of it.

Fun Fact:

Melody has slept in a snow cave before!

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