Chef Kelli Waugh

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Kelli's Bio

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kelli's first experiences in the kitchen were learning how to bake alongside her mother. Kelli laid down her professional culinary roots in Bellingham, starting her first cooking job in 2010 at a popular New York-style bagel cafe. This afforded her the opportunity to explore and pursue her passion for baking, and also provided an invaluable introduction to a myriad of other culinary techniques.

Since her bagel days, Kelli has gone on to explore a number of culinary pursuits here in Seattle. Her most notable experience has been presiding as Chef at a boutique bar & eatery next to Seattle Center, where she enjoyed creating both seasonal menus and returning customers for many years. She also spent a year as a line cook at a short-lived Paleo restaurant, honing her focus on healthful ingredients and quality, locally-sourced meats and vegetables.

Cooking with local, seasonal, and responsibly sourced ingredients have always been at the heart of her culinary passions and remains at the forefront of the meals she brings to her clients' homes. Kelli has enjoyed providing in-home culinary experiences with Down to Earth Cuisine since July 2019.

When she's not in the kitchen cooking for her clients or her family, Kelli enjoys spending time in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She especially loves camping, hiking, and spending time on the coast. Kelli is also passionate about traveling and makes multiple trips every year to visit her lifelong friends, who are scattered across the country. Some of her favorite travel destinations in the U.S. are San Francisco, New Orleans, and Maui, and she has also enjoyed exploring parts of Alaska in recent years. One day she hopes to visit Europe to eat and drink her way through Spain, Italy, France, and more.

Kelli graduated from Western Washington University in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in photography and a minor in Spanish. Though she never attended culinary school, her commitment to flavors and ingredients, combined with a desire to learn as much as possible from every cooking job she's had, led her to acquire a wide variety of techniques and skills throughout the years.

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