Chef Josh Miller

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Josh's Bio

Josh started his culinary journey with a rather unusual beginning. Having practiced meditation since the age of 10, he started living in ashrams between the ages of 14-22. He began his journey with cooking while volunteering in a meditation ashram in Upstate New York.  Josh was exposed to global cuisines from the very beginning as native cooks from Italy, Japan, France and Lebanon made their way through the ashram’s kitchen.

He was given his first chef’s coat from a sous chef visiting from New York City, and his fate was sealed. Now, after over 20 years, he has cooked in NYC, Vancouver, San Francisco and Seattle. He even did a short stint aboard an oil spill cleanup vessel during the Deepwater Horizon incident. He is a Vegetarian of over 30 years, but prepares meats, fish and fowl for clients, because as he says, “if I was a chef that hated broccoli, I would still need to know how to make it properly for a client that wanted it.”

Chef Josh prefers big flavor and likes to work with Mexican and Central American cuisines, Pan-Asian foods from traditional Japanese to Thai to Southern Indian cuisine. He is currently refining certain low-carb offerings for those who are both Keto and those with diabetes who are trying to regulate their blood sugar.

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