Chef Austin Bealmear

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Austin's Bio

A well-seasoned culinarian for 20 years, Austin’s career began in the mid 90’s so he could pay the bills after studying music in college. Upon realizing that he was excelling at cooking, he began leading a small progressive kitchen where he was given autonomy over a large daily special’s menu. Upon moving to Boulder, Colorado at the turn of the century, Austin soon found himself at a funky wine bar and lounge. There he spent most of a decade cooking, studying the finer points of progressive food, and ascending the brigade de cuisine. All while simultaneously enjoying the nightly musical artists that would play just behind the kitchen wall. 

After beginning his personal chef journey, Austin moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010. There, he continued his journey while also peppering himself between several “healthy cuisine” focused bistros and independently owned restaurants. He apprenticed with two holistic culinary professors over the course of his career. This influenced his own personal style, which he incorporates into his current fare offerings. Over that span, he served as a private chef in a small town two hours north of Toronto, Canada on a private island within the archipelago east of the Great Lakes. He was also a private chef on a houseboat on Lake Powell, a reservoir on the Colorado River straddling the border between Utah and Arizona.

Austin is a musician/producer and also dabbles in software development.

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