Chef Anne-Marie Ramo

Seattle Personal Chef

Chef Anne-Marie's Bio

Anne-marie grew up on the eastern side of Washington, just outside of Spokane. She began her culinary adventures at an early age, making food for family and friends and experimenting with her own recipes. When she graduated high school, she found her way to Seattle, where she studied at the Art Institute of Seattle, and working at some of the better restaurants in the city.  After graduation, Anne-marie headed to the San Francisco Bay area where she spent 22 years honing her craft, cooking wherever she could find a stove and mouths to feed – restaurants, catering companies, personal chef Co-ops, and cooking schools (where she also found a passion for teaching). It was in the Bay Area where she discovered her love of creating recipes from scratch, leading her to a career in product development. As the Executive Chef for Aidells Sausage Company, she created award winning products available nationwide. 

After her lengthy stay in the Bay Area, Anne-marie found herself longing to come back to the Northwest and the city she loves so dearly. She has been back on the Seattle area for ten years and continues to bring her passion for food, continued learning, teaching others and working with what is fresh, local and delicious to every dish she creates. With a career spanning over 30 years, Anne-marie loves that she still learns something new every time she walks into the kitchen and puts on an apron.

Fun Facts 

Anne-marie lives with the two coolest cats in the ‘verse, Malcolm and Washburn. She loves to garden, attend live shows of all sorts, kayaking, camping, and exploring thrift stores. When she isn’t cooking something delicious herself, she’s exploring new eateries and food purveyors to find the next “most delicious thing” she’s ever tasted.  

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