Making Memories

The clock is ticking, the guests are eagerly awaiting, hot plates are being beautifully decorated with delicious foods. Tick, Tick, Tick, DING! It’s time to serve.

Preparing for a dinner party is as exciting for our team as it is for our guests eagerly awaiting to relish the menu! We begin to set up and prepare for several courses tailored to our guests liking. Chef David maximizes the kitchen space. Hot pots and pans can be heard boiling and sizzling as the food slowly cooks to a tune. Chop, chop, chop, a symphonic rhythm of vegetables and herbs being sliced and diced. While we work together to prepare each courses components, you may find us singing along or dancing to Pandora music, because our team likes to have fun too.

It isn’t long before we are suited up in our chef coats, chatting with guests as they arrive and inquire about the menu. Chef David happily offers taste testers. Guests exclaim how delicious sunchoke chips are and the excitement for dinner rises.

Just before the first course is served, Chef David loves to give guests a show you won’t forget. Cheering and clapping can be heard as the flambe roars to life. This is a must see!

As the evening continues, our team serves guests as Chef David explains each course. My favorite party of dinner parties is hearing things like, “This tastes like Heaven. Wow, this is delicious, do you have more?!”

Many laughs and conversations are exchanged throughout the night. It is a pleasure to make memories with our guests.

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