COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Down to Earth Cuisine is committed to food safety practices that are inline with guidelines from the WA Department of Health and the FDA. Below are specific procedures that we take to ensure your safety and ours.

Food Shopping

  • Chefs wear a mask and gloves during the entire shopping process
  • Chefs sanitize packages before use
  • Chefs wash produce and items that did not have packaging

Preparing Meals in Your Home

  • Chefs take their temperature before they start work
  • Chefs wear a mask the entire time they are in your home
  • Chefs clean and sterilize all working surfaces
  • Before scheduling meal service, we ask you a short questionnaire to screen for symptoms and possible exposure

Prepared Meal Delivery

  • When preparing food in our commercial kitchen
    • Disinfect surfaces multiple times each day, before and after preparing each meal
    • Chefs wear masks and gloves during food prep
    • Chefs social distance while preparing meals
  • Transportation and delivery
    • Delivery driver wears a mask
    • Driver coordinates to ensure contact-free delivery
    • Meals arrive in a sealed bag
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