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  • Complimentary consultation

  • Custom menu planning 

  • We buy the groceries 

  • All meals are prepared in your kitchen

  • We clean up after ourselves

  • All meals are left in your fridge

Weekly Meal Service*

5 Gourmet Meals, Serves 2    $400

5 Gourmet Meals, Serves 4   $425

5 Gourmet Meals, Serves 6   $450

*(Price of groceries not included)

  • Complimentary consultation

  • Custom menu planning 

  • We choose seasonal ingredients at their peak to provide amazing quality and flavor

  • We present each course and describe what's in it and how it was prepared

  • We clean up 

  • You keep all the left overs

Private Dinners (groceries included)

3 Course Dinner    $100 per person

4 Course Dinner    $125 per person

5 Course Dinner    $150 per person

  • Custom cooking class for eight people and counting

  • Free class planning consultation

  • Every attendee eats each dish

  • Create a classroom environment or add the cooking class to your dinner party/ brunch event

  • The possibilities are endless

Cooking Class (groceries included)

3 Course Demo    $125 per person

4 Course Demo    $140 per person

5 Course Demo    $165 per person

In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.

- Julia Child 




Chef David is dedicated to finding the finest food and creating dishes that exceptionally serve your dietary needs. From a family's week night meal time to the most amazing private dinner you've ever host, watch 20 years of experience come alive. Having achieved the highest accreditation from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Atlanta, David brings his culinary passion to your table. Customized menus showcase a wide variety of techniques, creating unique flavor combinations with a contemporary approach. Whether re-imagining a classic or perfecting a new concept, his plating techniques create the fist glimpse of what is sure to be a memorable experience for you. 

Always sourcing the freshest products and local organic ingredients, Chef David is committed to using high quality foods that are nutrient-packed and full of flavor.

David is one of approximately 70 Certified Personal Chefs through the United States Personal Chef Association nation wide.


Born and raised in South Carolina, Chef Antonette grew up in a family where food was a way of connecting, showing affection, and being together. Now she brings those experiences to your kitchen to serve you local flavors and cuisine from around the world. Her southern roots can be found in many areas of her cooking, but don’t label her strictly as a southern cook.

Chef Antonette uses a broad range of ingredients and techniques to create memorable experiences. 


Melody was born and raised in New Jersey, where she was inspired by her mother and grandmother’s passion in the kitchen. At an early age, she knew cooking was her calling. She ventured full force into a culinary path and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. She began her career at the Walt Disney Grand Floridian Resort, then continued to other fine dining establishments. Melody, later became a private chef in New York City, where she came to love and cherish the personal aspect of the job. 


Recently, Melody relocated to the Pacific Northwest and is absolutely loving her new way of living alongside her husband and rescue dog, Zoey.  She especially enjoys all the fresh produce that Washington has to offer and cooking many cuisines, but her mother’s roots always flourish in every meal.


Chef Nora’s love of cooking began as a teenager working in the kitchen of a retirement community in rural Minnesota, continued over a three month internship in an organic cafe in Southern India, and blossomed while receiving a degree in Nutrition and Culinary Arts from Bastyr University.  She is a constantly enamored by the power food has to forge connections, to nourish, to heal, and to honor tradition.


Since graduating, Nora has established herself as a personal chef and caterer, worked in the kitchens of local restaurants, lead culinary tours around Europe and taught nutrition workshops through The Beecher’s Foundation.  While she’s come a long way from small town Minnesota, her love of food, community, and casserole follows her to this day.


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kelli's earliest experiences in the kitchen date back to before she can remember, baking cookies alongside her mother. Kelli laid down her culinary roots in Bellingham, where she graduated from Western Washington University. Her first cooking job was at a New York-style bagel cafe, which afforded her the opportunity to pursue her passion of baking and also provided an invaluable introduction to a myriad of culinary techniques.


Since her bagel days, Kelli has gone on to explore a number of culinary pursuits here in Seattle. Her most notable experience has been presiding as Chef at a boutique bar & eatery next to Seattle Center, where she enjoyed creating both seasonal menus and return customers for many years. Recently, Kelli has been enjoying a line cook position at an up-and-coming Paleo restaurant in Sunset Hill, honing her focus on healthy foods and quality local meats and vegetables. Cooking with local, seasonal, and responsibly sourced ingredients has always been at the heart of her culinary passions, and remains at the forefront of the meals she brings to her clients' homes.


When she's not in the kitchen cooking for her clients or her family, Kelli enjoys time in the woods spent hiking and camping with her partner and their dog, Mr. Buds.


John E. Thompson is a native of West Palm Beach FL. As a Certified Executive Chef, John has spent his entire life in pursuit of a great meal to be shared with family and friends. While growing up on the East Coast from Florida to New York, he has worked in a number of hotels and country clubs. From the Virgin Islands, Texas, South Carolina and Minnesota. He has developed a deep appreciation for the diversity and cultural richness of the foods from these regions.

Always a student of his environment, John has thrived on learning the regional cuisines of many stops along the way of his career. This includes time spent in France, Spain, Germany and the Caribbean. He has always been open to new ideas others bring into the kitchen, creating a more exciting dining experience for clients.


His style of cooking is not relegated to one cuisine but rather, a marriage of many. Since he has never been satisfied being faithful to one cuisine, but developing his understanding of all, it is fitting that he is working toward becoming certification as a master chef.


Chef Thomas was born in California and raised in the midwest. Having just recently moved from the Chicago area to Seattle he brings a wealth of experience

and a passion for healthy living and eating. Listening to clients needs and desires are paramount. He has been an executive chef in the corporate world and as a personal chef for families in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  He is a Kendall College Culinary School Graduate.


Thomas's passion for northwest regional cuisine is ever growing. His approach to cooking has always been high quality ingredients as fresh as possible and seasoned properly.


In his spare time he enjoys time with family, hiking, fishing, and raising heirloom tomatoes and vegetables.  He enjoys fun trips to the doggy park with Ellee the family Labradoodle.  

Chef Antonette Huell