Obtaining the highest achievements the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute has to offer, Chef David Boyd passionately brings his dedication and extraordinary style, into your kitchen. A 19-year 'seasoned' chef, David showcases a wide variety of techniques used to create the highest of quality meals for you. He enjoys creating unique flavor combinations with a contemporary approach to the classic dishes; plated in an elegant manner to create a memorable treat for any special occasion (or for dinner with your family on a daily basis).​

Always sourcing the freshest products and local organic ingredients, Chef David is committed to using high-quality foods that are nutrient-packed and full of flavor.​

David is one of approximately 70 Certified Personal Chefs through the United States Personal Chef Association nationwide. He continues his education to hone his skills as a chef and a business owner.

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Born and raised in South Carolina, Chef Antonette grew up in a family where food was a way of connecting, showing affection, and being together. Her southern roots can be found in many areas of her cooking, but don’t label her strictly as a southern cook.

Antonette is inspired to use ingredients and techniques from different places around the world. Having recently moved to the Seattle area, Antonette is immersing herself further in the study of food. As a personal chef, Antonette wants to share her passion for cooking delicious food and creating memorable experiences with her clients.

Chef Jerica was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii. She grew up learning how to grow her own produce, hunt, fish, and forage. These activities aid in her deep passion and appreciation for how food is made. At a young age, Jerica was introduced to a variety of cultures. This inspired her to travel the globe to learn first hand about how different cultures approach food. So far Jerica has studied culinary culture all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Laos, Spain, and France. She has worked her way through restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels, yachts, and estates. Jerica has worked with clients with a variety of diets, allergies, and preferences. Including no fat, no sugar, no salt, gluten-free, Fodmap, low carbs, vegetarian, vegan, and nut allergies. Chef Jerica would be happy to make some healthy, organic, locally sourced meals for you.


Megan started her love affair with food very early. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she was inspired by her family traditions and her mother's adventurous meals. Food plays an important roll in her memories with family and friends.

After two years of culinary training, Megan began her career, working in a wide range of jobs, including server, barista, chef, caterer, and baker. After a foray into lighting design, she took time off to raise two beautiful, rambunctious children. Now she is incredibly excited to be back in the chef game!

Meg is passionate about life and cooking. She loves party planning, hosting themed formal events for family and friends every few years. She loves to bake, specializing in gluten-free desserts, and she enjoys preparing a fare from a wide variety of cultures. She looks forward to bringing her passion and fire to your table!

You don't need to cook to have delicious meals every night.

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